Do You Have to See Me Cry?

My bandmates and I recently were surprised to learn that Do You Have to See Me Cry? is listened to more than we thought on Apple. Maybe it’s because I stash this song away and don’t promote it at all. Or maybe it’s because it’s about family dysfunction of the most profound kind.

I don’t even know how I found it in myself to write it, except that I don’t write songs to grease the musical capitalist machine, nor have I ever.

In fact, not long ago, I wrote a blog post about a little girl who met her death at the hands of her abusive mother, which inspired another song, “Princess,” on a similar subject on the Isabel and The Whispers album.

Indeed, “Do You Have to See Me Cry?” is something of a creative corner of our first album that may never necessarily be explored any further musically, but as they say never say never.

Anyway, I have been moved that my bandmates have joined me many a time on this song on stage, and I particularly admire my guitarist, Octavio’s lyrical playing on this track. It is meaningful to know that listeners are drawn to this song for reasons of their own.

“Do You Have to See Me Cry?” is a track on my Isabel and The Whispers album

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