Grant support from the Massachusetts Cultural Council

I am overcome with gratitude to learn that I have been selected to receive grant support from the Massachusetts Cultural Council as a musician that has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This grant means a lot to me as I count myself among many musicians who have been similarly affected by this ongoing pandemic which has shut down music venues and resulted in a cancellation of shows, gigs (including wedding gigs), rehearsal and recording studio closings, and much more. 

I was taken by surprise by this grant news, and am still processing it as this has been one of several musician grants that I have received over the past year since this pandemic started, including one from the New England Musicians Relief Fund.

The ending of the grant notification letter from the Massachusetts Cultural Council left me feeling most humbled and touched: “Thank you for your essential work in the creative sector.”

As a result of this grant, I hope to forge closer ties with the Massachusetts Cultural Council, especially since it isn’t so easy to be a performing and working musician in this part of the state, being western Massachusetts, as we’re a basic 2 hours away from the Boston music scene (not driving fast, lol!). So I hope to become more involved in the musical scene at the Cradle of Liberty among other cities, especially after the anticipated release of my band’s next album, Isabel and The Whispers II.

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